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"MINI The Book is a look at history through the eyes of the Mini Cooper since its iconic birth in 1959.

Since its creation the Mini has inspired generations with its practicality, sensibility and personality. The passion generated by its owners and admirers is rare for any brand or object, let alone an automobile. This book is a comprehensive look at the car, the brand and the people who created it and who admire it."

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W2E a dit...

Hello and glad to find your blog.

As you might know, the Mini was voted as the second most influential car of the twentieth century, being beaten only by the Ford model T. Unfortunately, the Mini Cooper S was produced up till 2000, but a new Mini was introduced by BMW, the owner of the brand. This fresh mini car was called the MINI written in capital letters. The new MINI is worthy of its name, keeping many of the old characteristic features of the mini Cooper but getting some state of the art features also.

The Mini Cooper S is considered a sporty version of the Mini. It two doors only and a 6 speed manual transmission. The Mini Cooper S features a multifunction steering wheel plus an up to date navigation system, glass panel sunroof, automatic air conditioning and many more. These are only the standard options to which you can add some other extras.
Even if the Mini Cooper S is a small car, it has force and is very speedy. It has strong suspensions, precise go-kart handling and great transmission.

You can be sure that the Mini will offer you great safety with the ABS, the Connecting Brake Control, Electronic Brake force distribution as well as the Brake assist feature, which are all included in the standard package on the Mini Cooper S – most borrowed and adapted from BMW parts. You can also get the automatic stability control and traction features plus the dynamic stability control. For the Mini Cooper S manufacturers safety comes first.

Hope you enjoyed reading this small insert from one of my articles and I welcome you to visit my blog and read more.


Michael S.
All Car Parts

Reema dsouza a dit...

Quel plaisir d'atterrir sur un blog inattendu.

voyance en ligne gratuite


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