BLOG : The 1% Army Wants You! (facebook group)

The 1% Army Bootcamp Tournament of 64 (Sean Moffitt (Toronto, ON) (creator))

Get your undiscovered blog on the map of some of the sharpest eyes in the industry or reaffirm your status as a fountain of great information and the top of the Canada's 1% blogger heap!

Similar to basketball's March madness, we will convene a tournament of 64 Canadian bloggers facing off with 3 of their best posts ever...will you make it into the Sweet Sixteen, the Final Four'll only know if you put your blog forward. We have about 36 spots left.

Drop by Brand Autopsy's Marketing Blogger Bracketology for a Clearer Picture...

What you need to do:
- Submit your blog's detail on the wall and we'll elevate it to our 1% wall of excellence and get you in the bootcamp tourney
- Stock up your best 3 posts ever written for the first round starting in August
- We'll then seed basted on Technorati authority ratings with 4 different segments - one tech/digital marketing, one PR/social media, one marketing/communications/c
ulture and one Quebec/French Canadian division
- Since this is a meritocratic tournament, we'd also love your help as a distinguished panel of judges - drop by and submit your name and become an Officer of the 1% Army - we may even do 1% T-shirts and dogtags - camouflage design of course.
- Finally, tell your friends and other bloggers to get in the tournament - we'll also take people who submit as part of a collective (i.e. CMA blog, One Degree blog) and/or let you submit a blog on behalf of their blogging non-Facebook participants

Groupe : Canada's 1% Army
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