Le 25 septembre dans les rues de Montréal, de Vancouver et dans d'autres centres urbains du Canada aura lieu un méga rassemblement de baisers à l'occasion du National Digital Media Day.

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In celebration of National Digital Media Day (An annual day to raise the profile of the digital media industry and celebrate the dynamic work taking place in this sector. In Canada, a massive cross-country event that will include gatherings, lobbying, education and celebrations. In other countries, linked in celebrations and demo camps.), take part in the biggest Kiss across Canada on September 25th!

FLASH MOBBERS: Stop traffic at your city's busiest intersection (TBA) for 2 minutes with some joyful kissing: simple peck, sloppy smooch, french kiss, full-on snog - you decide!

SHUTTERBUGS: Capture the Kiss moment with your iPhones, smartphones, or cameras and email/upload your pics to The Kiss website.

Kiss times:
Pacific time: 12pm
Mountain time: 1pm
Central time: 2pm
Eastern: 3pm
Atlantic: 4pm
Newfoundland: 4:30pm

Events are so far confirmed for Vancouver and Montreal.

We need your help! Coordinate your city's Kiss, gather the mob, recruit your iPhone-toting friends. Let's make it happen! Let us know if you want to kiss, snap photos, or organize.

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Anonyme a dit...

Pictures: www.thekiss.ca

Success on both sides of the country! Hooray for us!

A BIG UP to everyone in Vancouver & Montreal who participated in THE KISS. Whether it was showing up street-level in the west coast drizzle (or beautiful Indian Summer in MTL!) to plant kisses, or helping with the planning, development and mobilization, all of you guys are rock stars. We couldn't have done it without you.


Thanks especially to Urban Visuals, Bluesponge, Zeros2Heroes and Lynda Brown for creating this awesome day.

Thanks again and can't wait till next year.

Happy Digital Media Day!


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