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Bon lundi ensoleillé, la nature est belle, les gens souriant c'est une journée d'automne formidable...

The Precinct Studios, Sydney has released 'Break the Habit, a new web film that aims to draw attention to the epidemic of childhood obesity in Australia.

The spot directly targets parents who continue to feed their children junk food regardless of the damaging effects it is known to cause them. By comparing junk food to drug abuse, the commercial aims to make parents stop and think about their actions and remind them that junk food is a major contributor of childhood obesity, which is linked to a variety of chronic illnesses.
Says Henry Motteram, managing director of The Precinct Studios: "Parents need to be aware that if their children become obese, it is more than likely because of them. For whatever reason, many parents ignore the early signs that surround the onset of obesity and fail in their duty of care to address the problem. It is hoped that this commercial will highlight this and get people talking about the topic".

'Break the Habit' launched via social networking sites in a successful bid to start a discussion around not only childhood obesity but parents responsibility in the matter.

Producer - Henry Motteram
Director - Melvin J. Montalban
Editor - Melvin J. Montalban
D0P - Tania Lambert
Music Sound Production - Peter McCorquodale @ McCrocodile Audio
Colourist - Trish @ Hi-Def Video Services
Producer's Assistant - Natasha Jackson
Gaffer - Matt Russell
Camera Assistant - Mark Collins
Production Assistant - Aragorn Fenton
Mother - Mikaela Martin

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