OSOCIO | COTY 2011 Campaign

Les résultats des meilleurs campagnes de marketing social:

A record number of blogposts. A shortlist of 80. A team of hand-picked jurors from around the world. And just three winners. The wait is over for Osocio’s campaign of the year 2011.

The winning campaign:

The Return of Ben Ali

An entry that comes, not from the West, not from a mainstream cause. But from the Arab Spring, the spontaneous grassroots movement that 2011 will always be remembered for.
We loved it because it shows that even in the midst of chaos and conflict, a great idea can still inspire action.
We also introduced a new category to highlight technology ideas that change lives. The winning Innovation:

A Litre of Light

A simple, cheap, spreadable innovation that will bring free light to the homes of people in Manila and change lives forever. With a lovely film to show it off.
And finally, this year we had to introduce a new category for social movements. Because change isn’t always driven by NGO’s, but can still rely on a powerful communications idea. The winning Social Movement:


Our jurors picked ‘Occupy’ as a powerful and unifying rallying cry that brought the politicised, the dispossessed and the just plain angry together in cities all over the world.
Thank you to all our readers, all our bloggers, all our commenters and jurors – and most importantly to all those using their talent and creativity to make the world turn in a more positive direction.

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voyance gratuite en ligne a dit...

J’aime beaucoup les sujets que tu traites, qui semblent tellement simples et habituels pour nous blogueuses qu’on ne pense même pas à en faire un article.


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